Yoga holidays

Tropical beachfront to renew your body-mind & spirit

Anahata Retreat is excited to provide a selection of value oriented holiday packages that offer a unique experience and an affordable vacation with many diverse inclusions. From 3 nights to 1 week, these holiday packages offer a wonderful opportunity to revitalise, refresh and re-charge.

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Detox Package with Paris knight

The Journey

Anahata Retreat, in association with Paris Knight, has put together a detox package for selected dates during the season 2019-2020.

Come and be guided through a life and health-changing retreat in the worlds most spiritual country and beautiful beach location, Goa – India, at our beautiful Anahata Retreat

While being immersed into the lush Goan nature and the continuous sound of the Arabian Sea, you will delve into an advanced detoxification program with daily practices of cleansing yoga, breath work and meditation.

This program goes way beyond the standard detox/juicing retreats created for holistic transformation. Paris not only focus on cleansing and rejuvenating the physical body but the mind and emotions too, as these work synergistically together and play a key roll in wellness and happiness.

The program

The Detox

It is important these days to understand how to detox the body. Our bodies and minds are under a lot of stress with today’s busy life styles and the hundreds of unavoidable chemicals, heavy metals and toxins in our environment which make there way into your body on a daily basis, all of which cause a long list of physical and emotional issues.
Chronic stress levels greatly hinder the body’s ability to detoxify; therefore it is crucially important to be in a calm state of being to enable full detoxification. This detox retreat was designed with this in mind, using methods to activate the vagus nerve, switch on the parasympathetic nervous system to bring the system out of the damaging ‘ fight or flight’ response.
Paris uses organic and natural detox products, including binder & bulkers. The binders bind to the offending heavy metals, toxins, radiation, mould, chemicals and other health damaging environmental pollutants and deliver it mostly to the intestines.   Then the bulkers work by capturing the offenders in the intestines to be removed during bowl movements and enema. Other products will support the liver, kidney and the essential minerals and vitamins.
Along with breath work, yoga the deeply nurturing beautiful surroundings, lapping waves and the breeze through swaying palm trees, you are set to feel profoundly renewed and replenished.

What is included

  • A comprehensive detox program designed and guided by Paris Knight, a qualified detox/health coach and nutritionist

  • Detox methods including: supplements for the safe removal of heavy metals and environmental toxins. Liver and kidney support with tinctures and herbs. Colon cleansing methods for optimum gut health.

  • Yoga, breath work and meditation focused on cleansing the body, brain and emotions.

  • Educational workshops and talks on health, detox and emotional mastery.

  • E-book with guidelines for a detox lifestyle.

  • A complimentary 3-day online detox cleanse to be used any time 12 months after the retreat for the seven night guests only

  • Accommodation on single or double occupancy

  • A healthy, organic & detoxifying breakfast, lunch and dinner

Dates & Tariffs

You can book for either 3, 5 or 7 nights stay on the following dates.

Please book your stay first by contacting us and mentioning your dates and how many days stay you would like to book. Then, Paris will contact you for a follow-up and you can book your detox package here

November ~ 16th – 23rd  For prices click Here

December ~ 14th – 21st  For prices click here

January ~ 4th – 11th  For prices click here

February ~ 22nd – 29th  For prices click here

March ~ 1st – 8th: For prices click Here

(the 3 & 5 night stays will start on the first date of each retreat)