Explore Anahata 

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Awaken to the joyful song of birds as the warm

tropical sun rises and be lulled to sleep by the faint

rhythmic sounds of the ocean.

You are home


Yoga Classes

Just Breathe

At Anahata Retreat we believe that Yoga is for everybody and this is something we express through our classes. All levels are welcome to practice with us.
We work hard to create a space that is inviting for everyone, whether you stay at our place or join for drop in yoga.
- All classes are for all levels – Beginners welcome!
- Mats, Blocks, Bolsters, Straps and Blankets provided

- No reservations required.
- Public showers and café available. Try our breakfast at our beachfront cafe after your yoga class and replenish yourself with good and healthy food!

08:30 AM
Every morning

Hatha Yoga

Deepen Your Understanding Of The Postures, Breathing And Relaxation Techniques Through A Slower Moving Practice.
Perfect practice if you want to build flexibility and strength while taking the time to focus on the alignment of the body and creating more body-awareness.

10:15 AM,


Linking breath with movement, these flowing classes are built around a varied and creative sequence of postures. Create heat, strength, stamina and flexibility through a faster energetic flow.

04:30 PM

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a gentle practice where postures are held for 3 to 5 minutes. This length of time is used to stretch the thicker layers of our connective tissues. We let gravity do the work by sinking into the poses with or without the support of bolsters, blankets and blocks. This is a very mindful/meditative practice and is available to everyone looking to relax the mind and body.

06:30 PM

Yoga Nidra

Also called “psychic sleep,” Yoga Nidra is a state between sleeping and waking. The body is completely relaxed and the practitioner turns the awareness inward by listening to a set of instructions; much like a guided meditation.

Please note that this schedule may vary during the season. Twice daily yoga classes are programmed during the season, while the type of yoga may vary.


Dine with us

Our restaurant l'Atelier is located on the beachfront side of the property.

We have a beautiful deck overlooking the sea, perfect for sharing a drink at sunset and soak in the beauty of the surroundings.

Our delicious breakfast is healthy, fresh and nutritious, perfect to complete the after yoga class or the morning beach-walk. Fresh brewed coffee, fresh juices and cocktails, homemade vegan yogurt,

homemade granola, gluten free options, yummy pancakes, eggs and indian breakfast are a few options we offer to our guests to kick start their day.

The menu is designed to bring in the local flavours of the goan coast as well as healthy options by providing fresh and locally sourced produce.
We have a fantastic ala carte fusion menu with a fine selection of indian as well

as continental cuisines. Our wood fired pizza oven and selection of fresh cocktails makes l'atelier the perfect beachside venue to lounge and relax at while spending the day at the beach.



Ashwem and its Surroundings

There is so much magic to explore during your time in Goa. At Anahata, we enjoy creating bespoke experiences for our guests to ensure that they get to enjoy the local sights and sounds.  We have made a selection of a few excursions we think you should not miss out on. Our travel desk will assist you in organising

the excursion of your choice during your stay with us.

There is no need to book in advance. However, if you would like to plan ahead, please contact us.

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